League of Legends Champions

What are the best champions in league of legends?

The answer is: There aren’t a better champion than the others. It all depends on your tactics and your builds.


If you have a strong organizated team you will be able to win any game with any champion. If your team doesn’t play in teamplay or the players don’t have skill, even with the most OP champions you will loose the game, for sure!




How can i win league of Legends Games? 

First of all you should know that there are basic tactics in league of legends that you have to learn. The most common build used around top players is:

  • 2 players bottom
  • 1 player mid
  • 1 player jungle
  • 1 player top

The bottom player is an AD Carry and a Support. The Support never kills the minions only helps the ad carry and the rest of the team by giving health or placing wards around the map.

The AD Carry is one of the most important roles in the game, if he has a good cc and some starting kills you can guarantee your game is won.

In the middle you can have a AP Carry ( Uses magic and ability power to destroy the enemy ).

On top you can have many type of roles, you can have an off-tank per example.

In Jungle you can also have an off-tank or another ap carry or even a full tank.


League of Legends riot points generator


See what works with you and your team best.

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